Renaissance Home Renovations makes it easy to get the most out of your aging home with in-house wholesaling and house flipping services. Updating older properties with modern styles and amenities raises the property value, so by flipping a home, we’re investing in the restoration of that neighborhood, too. By flipping older homes, we can create more space for affordable housing and give the people who live and work in the neighborhood safe, updated homes where they can grow and thrive.

Why Our Homes Are Flipping Amazing!

  • 1
    We only buy homes with a solid foundations and structure.
  • 2
    We have the best renovation team for the project in-house.
  • 3
    We only do 5-10 a year so we can focus on quality.
  • 4
    We make the the process of buying our homes so easy!
  • 5
    We stand by our work - if any part of our work is faulty, we will fix it.


If you’re moving or just ready to liquidate your extra property, Renaissance Home Renovations makes wholesaling quick and simple. Our hassle-free process makes us your one-stop wholesaling shop. We’ll purchase your home with cash in just seven days with no need for a real estate agent or wholesaler.

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Case Study

Schubert Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Learn more about our house flipping expertise with this example of our work.

  • Style: Cape Cod
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2.5
  • Renovation Length: 1 month
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Schubert Avenue Photos

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The team at Renaissance was so easy to work with! They do everything by the book and keep to their word with timelines. The quality of work is impeccable and the outcome exceeded our expectations!



We would hire Renaissance Renovations again without hesitation. The entire team, from the unseen to the seen, were dedicated, responsive, respectful, and patient while we lived through a beautiful renovation.